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Producer Randy Simon, aka Wolf, is a New York-based film producer who has collaborated since 1990 with Jordi Torrent on several media projects. Their long friendship and conversations have inspired some of the insights of the main character of “Third Week.” Wolf’s extensive experience producing impactful media with formerly incarcerated youth as well as promoting social change has informed the development of “Third Week.” Randy’s other film production credits include “Four Winters: A Story of Jewish Partisan Resistance and Bravery in WW2,” “Dinner and a Movie,” “Summer of '70” and “Fetish.”

Producer Jordi Torrent is a film writer-producer-director based in New York City. Through Duende Pictures Jordi has produced and line-produced many films, including “My Life Without Me,” “The Golden Boat,” “The Keeper,” and “Ivorsi.”  “East on the Compass,” his first feature film as writer-director was selected by the 2006 Lincoln Center Film Society program celebrating 100 Years of Catalan filmmaking. His second feature, “The Redemption of the Fish,” was nominated for Best Director at the 2013 Milano International Film Festival. “Third Week” is his third feature film as writer-director. 


Co-Producer Toni Espinosa has been working in the audio-visual industry since the late 1980s. Toni founded TONEDMEDIA in Barcelona, Catalonia, in 2006. Since then he has produced many documentaries, TV series and feature films.  TONEDMEDIA’s latest productions include “Mia & Moi,” “The Last Night of Sandra M,”  “Final Round,”  “The Night that Elvis Died,”  "Remedios Varo, tan imprescindible como invisible,"  "El escritor de un País sin Librerías,"  and “Dernier Round.”  TONEDMEDIA is the distributor of Jordi Torrent’s “La Redempcio dels Peixos” and the co-producer of Jordi’s upcoming period feature film “Savoyard.”

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